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You need a getaway. And fast. What’s holding you back? You don’t want to feel as if you were far, far away from the city. You want to pay good money for a nice place. But somehow every other resort feels too generic. same old cabanas, same old bungalows. as if it would hurt to have just a little more uniqueness and style. You need to feel refreshed and recharged after, not tired out and exhausted. Hacienda Isabella… the possibilities are endless.

Dream weddings, power team buildings, intimate parties, fabulous events and enchanting moments.

Dream Weddings

Let your dream wedding happen in an enchanting and picturesque place. Hacienda Isabella is home to many celebrity weddings. Whether you actually walk the aisle and get married in our gardens, lawns, or special walkways, or you simply have your wedding reception in one of our unique areas, there is no doubt that love abounds as a testament to the beauty of this place—absolutely the perfect place to start the new chapter in your married life.


South of Manila and far from its urban heat, amid the cool and calming hills of Tagaytay and Cavite, is the ultimate world for you and what a world it is… the very name promises it… Hacienda Isabella is a destination resort that aims to pamper our guests with world-class hospitality. It is the ultimate getaway – where serenity comes with a bit of adventure and adventure never disturbs your serenity. Our mini gardens lead to unique spots and hang-out places perfect for reading, contemplation, tea time, and get togethers. We even have an olympic-size swimming pool where you can spend a relaxing afternoon with your family and friends.


Taking time to rest is a must for modern living. Kuh Ledesma’s Hacienda Isabella is a gateway to a time of solitude, communion with God, as well as bond with family and friends. Hacienda Isabella’s verdant gardens and rustic nooks create an environment where one can simply enjoy lounging while connecting with nature. Read the Bible or your favorite book in surroundings that inspire beauty and contemplation. You can even choose to swim in the Olympic-size pool before proceeding to enjoy a hearty meal of signature Hacienda Isabella salads and appetizing dishes. So go ahead and try Hacienda Isabella. A place that perfectly blends recreation and relaxation. Your body will feel at ease, mind releived, and spirit at peace. To add to the experience, you’ll find Kuh Ledesma or even daughter Isabella sharing Bible stories and life lessons.

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